Hi, I'm Dan Padgett.  

I am a UX Researcher and Designer skilled at defining and solving impactful problems by uncovering insights through understanding and mapping problem domains.

Currently I work on projects for Air Force CyberWorx, using human-centered design to define and solve complex problems.

(Some) Projects

Resource Marketplace - Copy of Resource

Resourcing Marketplace

We developed a design strategy for improving resourcing and budgeting processes by discovering the need for a new type of service and ways to optimize current processes. This strategy will enable senior leadership to make optimal resourcing decisions despite the complexity of the decision-making space.

My Role

I was the lead researcher and sprint facilitator.

Main Goal

Create a design strategy to improve resourcing and budgeting processes.

Search and Rescue Mission Management

We worked with the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC) to identify ways to improve emergency beacon signal assessment so that controllers can more effectively execute their mission in a fast-paced, constantly evolving, time-sensitive environment.

AFRCC Screenshot.jpg

My Role

I was the lead researcher and sprint facilitator

Main Goal

Craft a design strategy for the next generation mission management software


Sourcing Solutions for the Air Force

We created a suite of applications to help identify which products and services are available in a local economy and provide those solutions to commanders operating there so they can make informed sourcing decisions.

My Role

I was the lead researcher, designer, and sprint facilitator.

Main Goal

Design and test a suite of applications for three user groups.

Something catch your eye?

I'd love to share more about the projects I've worked on. If you'd like to hear more about any of those mentioned above, or find out what else I've worked on, please email me.